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Always Sick, Always Loved: Hope for Families Living with a Chronic IllnessBook Cover

For almost thirty years, my dear wife Margaret endured health challenges caused by the autoimmune disease sarcoidosis.  In this book we not only transparently discuss our struggles, but also openly share how the Lord amazingly helped us through all the ups and downs of our journey.  Whether you are a patient, caregiver, or know someone who is, our prayer is that our book will bring hope and encouragement to you.  Please click on either of the links below to read a sample, check out some book reviews, or to purchase a copy.

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Sick and Significant: The Indispensable Life of the Chronically Ill

This book, which I hope to have published in early 2019,  brings you into our struggle to find a life of significance with a long-term illness.  Despite perplexing seasons of feeling like Margaret’s health issues had put us on the shelf of irrelevance,  you will see how the Lord lovingly helped us to live a joyful, purposeful life with the family of God.  If you find yourself feeling like illness or disability has limited your value to the body of Christ, my prayer is that what I have written will help you to see how indispensable you really are.

As this book progresses, “sneak previews” can be found on my most recent blog posts.

Comfort for Those who Grieve

Written for those going through times of loss, this book is a series of devotionals which I pray will be timely reminders of God’s love.  As you read about my heartache, confusion, and struggles since Margaret’s passing,  you will also see how the Lord has comforted me through the truths of his Word.  My hope is that this book will be published by the end of 2019.

Again, as this book progresses, you can find “sneak previews” on my most recent blog posts.