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Always Sick, Always LovedBook Cover

Always Sick, Always Loved, was published in February of 2015.  Focusing on everything from the hardships of long medical trials to the perspective-changing hope found only in Christ, our prayer is that patients and caregivers will be strengthened to endure their health challenges for the glory of God. Forged through over twenty-five years of living with a disabling chronic illness, Always Sick, Always Loved is a gospel-centered real-life application of biblical truth—truth which has transformed our lives and I pray, will transform yours as well.  Below are a few book endorsements (additional reviews may be found on Amazon.com), and links to where you may purchase a copy.

Book Endorsements

“I believe Mike and Margaret have given their readers access to hope through their own physical pain. However, they are careful to not point the finger at themselves to simply follow their example, but at God who provides genuine hope through the gospel and therefore power to endure with ‘joy.’  In my view the Robbles are both telling us and showing us how to practically apply the glorious gospel in the trail of pain, and long suffering faith.”–Trey Richardson, Pastor, Sovereign Grace Church, Gilbert, Arizona

“What to me was the most important, and continuing theme of this book is that it always is directing and pointing the reader back to God. Through the Robbles life experiences, it is evident where our Help comes from. It will not just be hopeful and helpful for others in similar medical circumstances, but for everyone else too.–Debby Tweten, Arvada, Colorado

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Weak and Indispensable 

“Weak and Indispensable is being written out of a burden to see those suffering from long-term health conditions become functionally reconnected to the body of the Christ.  My prayer is that this book will help us to not only remember them, but also to be motivated to come alongside them, help them, and envision them in the vital role they have in the body of Christ today.

If you are a patient or caregiver, my desire is that you will understand where true love, hope and purpose is found.  I pray this insight will give you fresh assurance in your value to God and his people. If you are not currently a patient or caregiver, I pray Weak and Indispensable will be a means to help you see more clearly God’s deep love for the chronically ill and their families, and how important they are to the body of Christ.”

This is an excerpt from the book’s introduction.  Over my next few monthly blog posts, I plan to highlight the chapters of Weak and Indispensable, and share additional excerpts which I hope will encourage you.